Welcome to the homepage of Dan & Debbie Gibson. We hope you find resources at this site that will edify you spiritually and intellectually.

Dan Gibson is an ordained minister, currently serving a small church in Milton, Wisconsin. He is known nationally in prolife ministry, conservative politics and as a published writer and speaker. Dan and Debbie have owned a business for over 13 years bringing leading-edge technologies to the market featuring air purification, water purification and "green" products that conserve energy and reduce pollution.

At this site you will find free resources for spiritual grown, namely a faithful online Bible study and links to Dan's sermons. For those seeking training for home enterprise, you will find links to many hours of downloadable training that has benefited thousands of people who seek to develop a family-friendly business of their own.

We have nothing for sale here; our only desire is that this website may bring glory to God and serve you. Feel free to contact Dan or Debbie with questions, comments or suggestions for additional resources.


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